Mishkan HaNefesh, Rosh Hashanah, p. 136

As we are commanded to hear the blast of the shofar, we reflect on the emotions the sounds stir within us. This poem celebrates the sound of the shofar, placing the moment in our individual lives and the history of the collective Jewish people.

Shofar- The Voice of Community
	Belonging to Israel is in itself a spiritual act.
			¬- Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel 

Blessed are we, blessed our gathering,
as we open our hearts to the voice of the shofar.
	Happy are we
	who hear its call to return – 
	the sacred trumpet of t’shuvah.
Blessed are we
held close by an ancient sound
that echoes l’dor v’dor - 
from generation to generation.
	Happy are we
	who know its embrace,
	its season of celebration,
	its quest for connection and purpose.
Holy is the gift of community,
blessed the act of belonging.

Excerpts from Mishkan HaNefesh: Machzor for the Days of Awe © 2015 are under the copyright protection of the Central Conference of American Rabbis and used by permission of the CCAR. All rights reserved.